For many reasons, more people are opting out of meat, dairy, fish and eggs. The result is an overall positive impact on health, environment and animals.


Awareness begins at the plate

Consumers are driving the demand for more plantbased foods and companies are trying to keep up.

Sales are skyrocketing, investments are pouring in, and social pressures are helping to fuel the movement. Businesses who want to stay relevant will need to innovate.

Kanyini Collective works with hotels and restaurants to serve these emerging lifestyles as plant-based cuisine goes mainstream. 


Plantbased F&B Hospitality Program

In Development

Guests are eager to enjoy all the benefits of staying at a hotel: lobby happy hours, lazy room-service and brunch. Yet, most menus don’t meet the fast-growing demand for plant-based foods. Customers are left to figure it out themselves: perhaps seeking restaurants off-site (missing out on memorable experiences), or requesting modifications (often rejected by Chefs), or ordering something they don’t truly want (and breaking their values.)

In response to this need, we’re launching a collaborative program that includes a pop-up menu trial, community-driven foodie event, educational ingredient training and effective marketing strategies. We do the hard work so that restaurants can easily integrate popular items onto their menus for all to enjoy while bringing new guests through doors. Win-Win-Win.


Plantbased Events

Is your restaurant, hotel or brand-aligned company interested in collaboration?

April 4 - 10, 2019 in Los Angeles. View event details and RSVP  here .

April 4 - 10, 2019 in Los Angeles. View event details and RSVP here.


Coming Soon

To help scale this movement, we’ll be releasing an online course dedicated to bringing hoteliers strategies learned from our successes and challenges. Modules include education and data on market conditions, recommended menu templates, sales tips for trial periods, event production checklists, and marketing messaging.

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