Does My Company Need a Marketing Consultant or a Marketing Agency?

Many companies seek help for marketing but aren’t sure exactly what they need help in. It’s not their fault. Digital Marketing has grown to an incredibly wide scope of job titles and duties that have some overlap.

If you’re a seasoned brand looking to grow customers or a startup without a clue, we hope to steer you in the right direction:

Marketing Agency Services

If you know what message your brand wants to promote, you would hire an agency to create and manage the ads.

Our team of content creators – copywriters, video editors, graphic designers and web designers - craft your message in engaging ways. We structure ads with digital campaigns which our data-driven Media Buyers manage on Facebook, Instagram, Google etc, competing to achieve the best metrics.

Marketing Consultant

When an organization wants to learn how to best engage both existing customers and decide how to expand to new audiences, a marketing consultant can come in to help.

We look at the existing business model and then, using analytical tools to research market potential, develop a strategy to achieve larger goals. As consultants, we can also help train and advise your in-house team on efficient social media management.