Kanyini Collective is spreading ideas that inspire and empower others to create a better world

We are in a shift

People are more purpose-driven than ever.

Teach, education and global trends are influencing us to wake up to intrinsic values such as health, nature, community and compassion.

Consumers prioritize purchases with brands that reflect their lifestyle and personality.

As a “new normal” develops, many companies would like to be environmentally and socially conscious, but don’t know how to make it viable.

Kanyini Collective is seizing the opportunity that societal standards are evolving –– we help businesses to innovate and find a balance between environmental and economic sustainability.

We’ve assembled professionals versed in complementary industries to map out win-wins

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Media influences. We use today’s tech tools to megaphone brands and drive bottom lines.

Event Producers

We build real life communities to foster connection and collaboration

Hospitality Consultants

Hotels are positioned as powerful platforms. From design to operations, every decision is an opportunity to positively affect all stakeholders: guests, employees, environment, suppliers, investors.

The Big Picture: raising standards benefits everybody.

Companies who lead with purpose enter popular markets. Less resources consumed equal reduced environmental destruction. Overall wellness is improved. It’s a long-run strategy.

When you work with us, you’re choosing unconventional partners motivated by a conscious-capitalist business model.

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Co-Founded by Jennifer Lo and Whitney Weiskopf

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Everything and everyone is connected.

It’s biology.



All land and water is sacred.

We depend on nature to survive because we are not separate from it, but a part of it.

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Thinking and acting with purpose.

How often do you choose to live in your values?



A philosophy of partnership.



…a continuous exchange…

Stay curious
Be inquisitive
Meet new people
Try new things
Feel fulfilled



Building and maintaining trust.