Kanyini Collective is spreading ideas that inspire and empower others to create a better world

We are in a shift

People are more purpose-driven than ever.

Global trends and education are waking us up to intrinsic values such as health, nature, community and compassion.

Mission-based brands are gaining popularity as consumers align their purchases with their lifestyles.

As a “new normal” develops, many companies would like to be environmentally and socially conscious, but don’t know how to make it viable or where to even begin.

Kanyini Collective is seizing the opportunity that societal standards are evolving – we’ve created cross-disciplinary alliances to strategically empower businesses in achieving a triple bottom line.

It’s a long-run strategy.

Those who lead with purpose enter popular markets. Reducing consumption reduces environmental destruction. Longevity is improved. Everyone benefits.

When you work with us, you’re choosing unconventional partners motivated by a conscious-capitalist business model and Legacy.

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More than buzzwords, we aspire to be/do/have:



Everything and everyone is connected.

We aspire to respect the laws of Ecology.



All land and water is sacred.

We depend on nature to survive. We are not separate - but a part of it.

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Thinking and acting with purpose.

How often do we choose to live in our values?



A philosophy of partnership.

Creating strategic alliances and working in harmony achieves mutual visions faster.



…a continuous exchange…

Stay Curious
Be Inquisitive
Meet New People
Experience Adventure
Connect Deeper
Feel Fulfilled



Proactively building and maintaining trust.

With boldness, we engage honestly about issues that matter.