Empowering Conscious Business & Regeneration

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Hospitality’s Untapped Potential

What draws us to a place? Its culture and people, its natural beauty… all elements which visitors would choose to preserve if given the chance.

So why does the majority of business activities and buildings extract resources as if there were no ceiling nor consequences?

The negligence of our actions might be somewhat accepted by society, but nature doesn’t respond well to excuses. Truth is, we’re degenerating our ecosystems and all who live within them. This is not a “for the grandkids” conversation — this is an immediate need and frankly, we’re responding quite slowly. What’s a solution?

A good business model by definition, is sustainable.

Thankfully, engineers, architects, and programmers have developed tools and skills to improve building environments. These changes affect positive change felt over lifetimes on a massive scale.

Of all buildings, hotels have the most unique functions: they’re the home-away-from-homes, the community spaces, the restaurants, bars and more. With endless touch points, hotels are positioned as powerful contributors to a neighborhood.

And as all companies, they have decisions to make –– ingredients for menus, ordering cleaning supplies, and choosing construction materials — decisions that are not about right or wrong, but about optimal growth potential.

We encourage Hoteliers to feel empowered by their Influence and step into Leadership role, one that supports people and planet to thrive.


Is Plantbased The Future?

Both the Economist and Forbes have titled 2019 as “Year Of The Vegan”.

Consumers are driving demand for more plantbased foods and companies are trying to keep up. Sales are skyrocketing, investments are pouring in, and social pressures are helping to fuel the movement. Companies eager to stay relevant are innovating to serve the new lifestyle as veganism goes mainstream.

A rise in values for health and environment are influencing people to opt-out of meat, fish and dairy. The benefits are clear: healthier people, reduced environmental damage, compassion to animals. Awareness begins at the plate.


Doing Business Not As Usual

A triple bottom line vision is about empowering decision makers with education and solutions.

Responsible or Mindful Business and Conscious Capitalism are terms being spotlighted as an increasing number of companies choose to use business as a force for good. Changes in legislation and impact-investing market potential data suggests that the field of Social Enterprise* is not only gaining in popularity, but is also a viable model. Let’s lift your asset and uncover hidden revenue potential.

*a business model striving for social, environmental and economic success.


Each and every one of us lives a story

and it’s time to take account of this and ask,

What STORY are we writing?

What LEGACY do we want to leave behind when we go?

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