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Empowering Companies to be Activists


Untapped Potential

A good business model by definition, is sustainable. Yet most companies are destroying ecosystems with negligent practices, despite shrinking non-renewable resources and urgency on climate rehabilitation.

High-traffic buildings, especially mixed-use spaces such as hotels, influence their surroundings on a massive scale — from early stage development, to design and daily operations, all decisions either negatively or positively impact local people and environment.

Kanyini connects forward-thinking Leaders with Sustainability consultants to optimize energy, food and waste systems to create long-term success.


Is Plant-based The Future?

Both the Economist and Forbes have titled 2019 as “Year Of The Vegan”.

Consumers are driving demand for more plant-based foods. Sales are skyrocketing, investments are pouring in, and social pressures are helping to fuel the movement. Companies eager to stay relevant are innovating to serve the new lifestyle as veganism goes mainstream.

It is the Information Age. Market trends show that society is prioritizing health, environment and ethics, contributing to a reduction in meat, dairy and fish consumption. The greatest benefit of eating more plants is overall wellness for people, planet and animals. Awareness begins at the plate.

Kanyini’s plant-based strategies include driving change in hospitality through F&B menus, procurement, and experiential marketing.


Doing Business Not As Usual

Responsible or Mindful Business and Conscious Capitalism are terms being spotlighted as an increasing number of companies choose to use business as a force for good. Changes in legislation and impact-investing market trends suggests that the field of Social Enterprise* is not only gaining in popularity, but is also a viable model.

Societal values are shifting: people prefer to support mission-based brands. Business models that strive for social, environmental and economic success are the future.

Kanyini provides education, guidance and tools for decision makers to lift their asset and uncover hidden revenue potential.


Each and every one of us lives a story

and it’s time to take account of this and ask,

What STORY are we writing?

What LEGACY do we want to leave behind when we go?

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